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The Hour Log 2006

Version 1.0.1

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Online training logs are great resources, but what happens when you don't have internet access? What if the logging site is geared toward broadband users and you have dialup? The Hour Log is a free, printable logging tool to help you keep a quick, visual grasp on the number of training hours you put in. Sometimes it's better to keep it all on paper.

We've changed the type of spreadsheet software used to create the Hour Log. We've switched to OpenOffice! In the spirit of open source, we're providing both the PDF version and the OpenOffice version free.

Use the OpenOffice version to record data, chart, and track trends. This file helped produce the pdf version and you can customize and tweak it to your heart's content. If you appreciate this service please donate so we can keep this site up.

Use the year log to help gauge your entire training year!

Hour Log -- PDF Version

If your the kind of person that likes to stay on top of your training obsession, use this year-long training log. Use it as a gauge to measure your training hours. Use it to help you stay focused on your goals.

download YearLog 1.0.1 Download YearLog 1.0.1

Hour Log -- OpenOffice Version

download YearLog 1.0.1 in OpenOffice Format! Download YearLog 1.0.1 in OpenOffice Format!

You will need to unzip the file before you open it with OpenCalc (the spreadsheet software included in OpenOffice).