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About Nerdsonice

Nerdsonice History

Nerdsonice started out like most things, it sounded like a good idea at the time. It's a work in progress, and over time it will become something useful, providing information that will help anyone get more out of their day. Topics like training, work-life balance, nutrition, and goal setting are just some examples.

Lately you can find out a lot more about us by checking out the noi blog . There you can find the "200 Days of Bike Commuting" blog. We also do write-ups on gear and races, and sometimes we talk about the gear we used in the race. Lots of exciting topics!

If you'd like to see something else on this site you have a couple options: leave a note in the noi blog , or email me "admin at nerdsonice dot org"

mission statement

  • To provide an online resource for exercise enthusiasts
  • Demonstrate alternative ways of living that can maximize health, and reduce our impact on the earth
  • Explore new and upcoming sports
  • Review new products and thrash them in the field
  • Have a lot of fun!