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Welcome to NOI (nerds on ice). We're making some changes around here. To the left you will see more links, and to the right you will see even more. Chances are the left side contains links that are in internal RSS feed of this site. Recently I added what I am currently reading. Many have asked, "Brandon, what are you currently reading." Now I don't have to answer that question verbally. I can just point my finger at my website. If they say, "You're reading your website?", I will smack them and point again, with consternation at the "Currently Reading" section of the website.

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Day 123 - Is there such a thing as a regrettable ride?

bike commuting

I've never regretted riding my bike, although I've often regretted driving. Tonight's ride was one of those occasions where I did NOT want to ride. Needed to pick up a few things from the store. Driving would have been much easier. But I resisted the urge to use car keys. Left them in the house, and picked up my mountain bike cleats.

Found the panniers, backpack, grocery list, bike lock.

It was twilight and the lights were necessary. Red flashers on. Blackburn 7 hour lights on. (These might be overkill, but man do they light up the road!)

The moment I got on the bike, I was a different person. I was sane again, and loving the ride. Remembering adventure races in the past where the bike leg straddled the day to night transition, I let out a contented sigh and cruised on toward the store.

Day 122 - Tailwinds

bike commuting

Wind is a great thing, and after a few seasons of riding, becomes a very noticeable attribute of any given ride. It's to the side, or in the face, or it's behind you. Sometimes cars make some wind, and if you're in the right spot, sucks you along and you get a residual draft. Gusty wind is hard to ride in.

This ride was a tailwind all the way. Flight time was minimal. Lots of car passing. It was great. Averaged 19 mph! No flats, no crazies, perfect ride.

Day 121 - Anything to Ride

bike commuting

Child number two is here and getting rides in is a sleep deprivation and logistical timing challenge. So bike commuting has stepped up as the mode of exercise and transport.

Need something at the store honey? I'm on it! More importantly, I'm on my bike 'on-it'. Didn't realize how much of a mental benefit just a short ride delivers. How do non-exercisers do it? I'd be a nut-case in a short amount of time if I didn't get some kind of exercise in.

What was on the list? Dessert and milk. Two items easily transferred over the short 3 mile jaunt.

Day 120 - Wind!

bike commuting

Today we had a 21 mph headwind. I can't imagine what it was like for the guy carrying his laptop briefcase on his handlebars.

At least he was riding!

Hard ride in. The bike training on the weekends has been paying off. I was still able to get in under an hour!


Month 22 - April 2007

bike commuting

April is here and with the strangely comfortable weather, it's been great for riding.